Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ravens, Poppies & Other Happenings

Wow..  Can't believe it's been a month since I popped in!!!  I've been so busy getting these worked on, and catching up with everyone on facebook, working on orders, and cleaning out stash's..  Well- there's more- much more..  But it's been keeping me busy for sure..

I just finished punching and stitching the models for the first projects, for both of my clubs.  Now- tonight- am hoping to finish them, and get the patterns ready..  A few more things of thread to order -and all kits should be ready to fly out the door by the 1st..  Well- maybe the 2nd, as the 1st is a Sunday...   I'll have some dandy's going out to my club members for this kit/project, and am already thinking ahead for the next release...

So much fun stuff- and only 24 hours in a day....

On another note..  John and I have been sicker than a dog ( whatever that means right ? )- since New Years Day..  What a long long month and a half...  We're finally coming through it, almost better...  I think we got every strain of everything going around the planet!!!  So does this mean we're immune now??  God I hope so!!!

Anywho!!!  Popping in...  And I'll be back sooner than a month- I promise!!!  Next up- pics of the finished club projects- and maybe some sneak peaks into future releases!!!  Best get busy- eh?

Catch Ya's Soon!!!

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