Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A View Out My Window- Linen Now Being Offered, & A Release Coming SOON...

Just a little view out of my window..  I love my corner work space, and I get to watch my horses...  Love it...  The only thing is- is they seeeee me too!!!  lol..  They know what I'm doing -and watch for me to come out...  S-P-O-I-L-E-D..  Yup!!!

I also wanted to let everyone know...  that I'll now be selling my coffee stained Linen's - by the fat quarters... ( approx 18 x 26 ) ... Now- these are going to be sold, on a made to order type of basis- meaning- there could be up to a 2-3 week processing time, depending on what I have in stock, and what I need to order.. Most likely- all linen's will be ordered and then stained- by me- when you place your order with me... This way- I'm not setting on a very huge and expensive amou
nt of linens.. Even though- that's not a bad thing- lol... I love my linen....

Ohhh- and please note- due to me staining and dying these linens- in small small batches- often by the fat quarters themselves- NO TWO will ever be alike... And it also depends on the linen and colors I start with.. One thing for sure- they will be prim-tastic- and ready to stitch on....
Here are my prices- and again - they are fat quarters- and shipping will be added to the total cost of each order.... I'll be adding this to Etsy as well, so you can either message me- or follow me through Etsy... Thanks everyone.... & Any questions- just hollar at me.....
28 count- $20 a fat quarter
30 count- $22 a fat quarter
32 count- $22 a fat quarter
35 count- $24 a fat quarter
36 count- $24 a fat quarter
40 count- $26 a fat quarter

Wellll my friends..  Just a quick post for now..  I have to make up my boggled mind- on my final finish for my newest pattern release, and add some stuff to etsy- and....  Need to get on the jazz for my club stuff...  Oh- so much FUN stuff to do....


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