Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Berries N Winter Feathered Friends

They're finally done, kits are out, and the new patterns are in my etsy shoppe..  "Snow" much fun were these to do...   My "Snow Berries N Winter Feathered Friends"- Snowman bucket tree projects are available both in cross stitch and punch..  I can see a whole new line of pillow tuck pin cushions coming over this new year.  Need to fill in those special little places and bowls here and there- while bringing in some winter cheer and fun...

And speaking of Winter..  Oh my goodness is it ever so cold...  We have about -5 on the rickter scale- and boy oh boy do I not like it this cold...  The horses were putting themselves away- tonight in the barn, and were ever so glad to see us coming with their midnight hot mash!!!  :)  They love night time warm yummies!!  Who doesn't right??

On another note- I've taken a few days - and through the weekend- to regroup and refresh and get some projects done around this house...  We're working on the entryway into our house- so it's neat and tidy and yet holds all of our coats and shoes and extra winter stuff..  Doing up a nifty coat rack, boot boxes- a boot bench and all that jazz..  We're also working on our spare room- so to speak...  It's getting a total overhaul.   And- we're carpeting our kitchen!!!  Yes- I said- we're putting carpet in there..

Ever since we moved into our new homestead- our old old dog T-bone- has had a hell of a time- navigating the step up- and the linoleum tiles...  And he's had a few wipe outs- and scattered crashes- that are just not good..  He's got arthritis and is in enough pain as it is- soooooo- we have a huge brand new carpet we had bought- when we were doing the house- ended up not using it- for another story of reasons- and so it's just setting up top in the work shop.  We're putting it down- so our old roopy can finally be comfortable in the whole house- kitchen included- where the food and water is- and all that jazz- and not have to worry about him hurting himself or feeling left out..  I figure at almost 13 years of age ( 12.5 )- that he should be at home everywhere he is - in his home..  We can always do something else in the kitchen another day down the road...

Anywho- just popping in!!!  I've got tons of designs I'm working on- and thinking my winter ones are yet again on hold till next winter??  And I'm on to Spring???  Ohhh- you just never know what will strike me fancy now will ya..  :) ( smiles )...  I'll share when I figure it all out- hows that?  :)

Time for bed my friends..  My upside sleep schedule has the best of me- so I sleep when I do and stay busy the rest of the time, and I hear my pillow calling now- so guess it's sleep time...  Thanks for visiting- and I'll be back to share more...

Stay warm my friends!!!

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