Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just a quick post... New Release!!!! Yay!!!

Whew.. Patterns Done and more than half way through kitting up my club projects.. On The Jazz!!!!

Okay!!! I've just listed a whole bunch of new goodies... I've listed my Sparrow Garden Journal Patterns, in both Cross Stitch and Punch Needle, in both instant download and printed and mailed formats.. I've listed some 12 qty packs of grammies vintage buttons, I've listed the Thread Packs for the Cross Stitch version of the Sparrow Garden Journal Pattern, and I've listed the fabric dictionary tags for the Sparrow Garden Journal Punch Pattern!!!

Sooooo- here's a link to one of the patterns, and just click to the main shop page- to find all the rest!!! <3 a="" after="" and="" be="" club="" coming="" filling="" i="" just="" kits="" my="" note="" on="" orders="" ship="" shipping="" sometime="" span="" t="" these-="" this="" though-="" until="" week-="" won="">
Thanks ever so much everyone... Thanks for peeking!!! :)

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